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Performance Coaching

Have you ever wondered how the highest converting sales people get so good at sales?

Here’s a hint: They don’t just wake up that way or fly by the seat of their pants...... 

Individual or Group Performance Coaching

Closing  sales isn’t something that happens because of luck or by chance. Success comes when you follow a proven sales strategy and cultivate good daily habits that will help you reach and exceed your goals. Once you know the strategies and habits of top producing salespeople, it’s actually really simple to follow their lead and transform your own sales process to get the absolute best results possible. 


Through understanding question based selling, our performance coaching will provide the keys to sales psychology, attitude, philosophy, and product integration. Your team will feel energized and motivated to sell. Let us help you revamp your sales strategy, adjust the daily habits of your sales people, and push you to the top of your industry.  

We turn average sales reps into top performers and we keep top performers from falling into a slump. Let's face it, if you can't close deals as a sales rep, your career and your ability to earn income is on the line.  Be the top sales rep. in your company with Performance Coaching from The Revenue Hub

  • 30 minute Performance coaching sessions

  • Online sales training program

  • Overcome the objections that are keeping you from closing

  • Role playing and product knowledge review

  • Pipeline management tools 

  • Goal setting and daily activity reviews

  • Sales Psychology training and sales principle assessments

Business Meeting

Individual Performance Coaching

We create & maintain top performers


Andi Stewart, Emerging Markets Sales Rep

I am new to the sales world and after taking this training and having a few coaching sessions I feel like I am selling better than the people that have been doing it for years


Jesse Davidson, Executive Recruiter

I learned so much about how to close sales, find new opportunities and overcome objections. This is the best thing anyone can do for their sales career

In a Meeting

Company Performance Coaching

Your business needs a high performing sales team!

As a business your sales team drives revenue, a poor performing sales team can really hurt a business. Let it go for too long and you will have created a culture of poor performance that will be almost impossible to rewind. 

  • Group sales and performance training

  • Online sales training program for your reps

  • Unlimited access to our performance coach for your reps. If they need a boost just have them schedule a session. 

  • We work with your managers to make sure company agendas are being met. 

  • 3rd party interview and assessment of sales culture and reps

  • Your sales teams conversion will go up and so will the revenue they bring in

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