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Hygiene Module

Perfect for single practices

At the Dentist

Re-Capture your Hygiene Program

Do you have a plan to recapture your lost patients? As a business you need every tool possible to recapture the lost revenue and patients during the last few months. We have your plan! 


 Hygiene and Re-care in a single practice Attributes to 30% of your revenue. Hold your team accountable. Measure your re-care and performance in an easy to understand dashboard with metrix and reporting that will move the needle. Patients that come in more regularly have better oral health. 

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“Testimonials work great. Showing your reviews in quotes has a powerful effect on customers and makes them more likely to trust you.” 

—  Name, Title

Easy To Use Doctor Views

As the doctor of a single practice you are busy. With our new Hygiene specific tool we have made it easier then ever for you to manage your team. With an easy to use tool like this you can view the over all health of your practice within a few clicks. 

Always know where things are at and how you can adjust to grow the way you need to. 

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