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Sales Management & Training Services

S.M.A.A.S (Sales Management as a Service)

FROM $5,000-$8,000 A MONTH

(Dependent upon time allocated)

The math is pretty simple!

Traditional VP of Sales
$12,000 - $15,000 Per Month
$5,000 - $8,000 Per Month

Our Sales Management as a service is an innovative way to grow your business and see a huge ROI on the money you spend. Most small to mid sized organizations either cannot afford a  sales manager or are having a hard time finding the right one.

 With S.M.A.A.S we will have one of our Sales Managers come into your business and learn who you are and what your product is. From there they will provide the training to your sales team, sales forecasting, conversion tracking, and reporting that every business needs to run a successful sales department. We all know that sales exist in every business. The question is do you have the management in place to have the best sales department possible? With the team at The Revenue Hub the answer is YES!!! 

We offer flexibility to choose how many days a week we help to accomplish your goals. This will save you money and generate more revenue

In every department, the processes in place are just as important as the product you sell. We will sit down with management, review the current process's and when needed implement and write new processes for the sales department.

The size of your sales staff does not matter to us, we will manage small or large teams and turn them into the best sales reps you have ever had

Reporting and tracking and tracking are key to making this all work. The Revenue Hub will produce monthly reports that cover the conversion rates of your sales team on an individual and group basis. What the goals are and what track the department is on to reach those goals. 

Business & Culture Consulting

(Cost varies depending on engagement)

Every business is different and because of that we all have different pain points and things to work on. Sometimes understanding what we are doing wrong is difficult when we are working IN our business.


Our consultants will help you work ON your business by analyzing your organization from an outside perspective. In identifying weaknesses within your operations, sales, marketing, HR or other departments we will work with you as a team to advise and guide you to become more efficient and profitable company. 

Our consultative approach and open communication will allow for productive sessions within your business. We will ask you the tough questions and communicate sound advice. Through assessing your weaknesses we can help you over come them. 

Advice is not the only thing we give. We will help you structure and improve your processes and workflow so that your business can become more efficient. With the right processes in place to compliment well trained employees, you are sure to succeed. 

Technology to compliment your processes and goals are key. As we help you to identify and solve the things standing in your way, it will be increasingly more important to have the technology in place to back you up. 

Accountability to the plan will ensure that the consulting we do is long lasting. Just like a personal trainer, it is our job to make sure that you stick to the plan and trust the process we have put in place

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