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Our client the medical expert

In our line of work we get the opportunity to work with professionals in a variety of industries. In this writeup we want to highlight and showcase one particular influencer and leader in the medical field. Dr. Saira Ahmed.

Dr. Ahmed, MD is a respected leader in the medical community and on the frontlines of emerging medical treatment and care. Not only is she a doctor but she is also CEO and Founder of Mediversity Health Center for Restful sleep and owner of A-Plus Medical Scrubs. As a trusted professional in the industry she was recently featured in the publication bottomline HEALTH.

As a featured expert in their section appropriately titled "Ask The Expert" Dr Ahmed answers questions from readers in regards to sleep habits and their husbands kicking in his sleep. Curious as to what was asked and how she answered?

Having worked with both Dr. Ahmed and her husband in a number of different settings we can honestly say that we are lucky to have her as an associate and client. This is the type of expert that makes your day to day life a little easier just by having her as a resource.

Want to learn more about Dr. Ahmed and her business or medical background? Check out the websites that she is affiliated with and . You can also follow her presence on social media.

For more information on The Revenue Hub and how we can grow your business, check out out site and sign up for a FREE consultation.


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