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Is there a new type of SEO?

Is there a new type of “SEO”?:

The Millennial generation are quite possibly the most tech savvy, and mobile friendly generation we have seen. What does this mean for your business and how you “get found”? Take a look around at the people that are in the age group of 18-27.…what do you see? The majority of them have there phones out and they are using them. A lot of them aren't searching through google, or communicating through calling each other. It is done through the Applications that are on their phone. SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook, twitter, and many many more. So we pose the questions, if the goal of SEO is to get found and engage your clients. How do we engage this generation and the generation to come?

The Answer to this question is fairly simple. We need to engage in mobile media. Now this can look a number of different ways, and we are absolutely not saying to forget about traditional SEO all together. Traditional SEO is a key cornerstone to any business, but as this generation continues to move into the professional world, and they have children, you are going to want them to be able to find you and use your services.

What is Mobile Media:

Mobile Media is just like it sounds, instead of using traditional web based methods to reach out to a desired customer base, you use social media and the mobile apps that are in front of them on a more regular basis. On Facebook alone the average user spends 40 min or more per day. Think about it: for 40 minutes a day, consumers are engaging in numerous trackable actions.

Not only are these people spending so much time on one traffic source, but they're doing it from their mobile devices. That means that they're actively interacting with the fastest-loading, most mobile-friendly websites they're encountering. They're also downloading whichever apps are being recommended to them by friends and family, and... advertisers who are targeting them based on their relationships and interests.

Facebook is just the tip of the iceberg, people in this day and age spend so much of their day interacting with social media, downloaded apps, and mobile friendly sites that there is a huge amount of traffic to capitalize on. Facebook and others have recognized that there are huge gains to be had by participating in “mobile Media” and so should you!

Apps or mobile websites:

Your website is a key informational tool to help your business run more effectively. With that being said it is NOT the only avenue for people to find you, and certainly not the only avenue to interact with your client base. If you ask someone for a close by restaurant they jump on apps like yelp or spoon. They will more than likely use Uber to catch a ride rather then look up the cab company and call for a cab. If they are bored and looking for something to do they open their phone apps for a game, or a tool to help them find something rather then look on google.

With all the time that people are spending on mobile apps, it is increasingly more important to have a footprint in this mobile driven world. The transition is slowly starting to be made from traditional SEO-first which is “desktop driven”, to a world that is social/mobile-first. The mentality that the more people we get to our website the better is still true, but there is a shift in momentum happening. Your end goal is to get your message out to as many people as possible who will potentially use your services. As you plan for the future you cannot afford to rely solely on one traffic source (that exists primarily in a desktop driven universe) when the clients in this generation are now using multiple devices and numerous different social media and apps to get their information and make decisions.

Think of all the different Apps you can download from your app store and have a presence with. snapchat, twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and the list goes on and on. The only way to ensure that we stay in the game long term, is to adopt as many of these platforms as possible and build a presence over all of them.

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