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Why Is Julie Kaanapu our featured CEO/Business owner for the month of August?

Each month we write an article on a CEO or business owner that we feel is making a significant impact in his or her industry. The subject of this months article is Julie Kaanapu of Pro Health Share.

Julie is a wife, mother and navigates the tricky struggles that come along with owning a business and balancing the home life. She does this better than anyone we have ever met. Some how among all of the chaos she finds a was to give back to her community and brighten the lives of everyone she comes in contact with.

Julie has a heart as big as the sun and a genuine desire to help people become their best selves. As we got to know her, we quickly realized that Pro Health Share was not only a great business venture for this self made CEO, but it was an avenue for Julie to help benefit the lives of so many people in this world that need it.

By becoming a "Pro Health Insider" visitors to her site can gain access to completely free health, wellness, and life insights. Through her coaching sessions and other service offerings she gives people a chance to make positive life changes and help them along the path of aging healthy, losing weight, and finding more energy.

As a well connected pillar in the healthcare world, Julie often times provides free educational materials like this interview with Dr. Donovitz below.