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Is your Digital Marketing Strategy Ready for 2019

Anyone who is in business in this day and age knows that digital marketing trends are much more effective and inexpensive than traditional methods. When we are looking at the benefits first of all, the online is cheaper and more effective as you can reach a bigger audience in a shorter span of time. To piggy back on that digital strategies allow you to be specific in who you are targeting, track what is being effective, and manage your budget more easily. This is in lue of sending materials or products to people that aren't interested. a good lead is a qualified lead. The best part is with a little education you can be sure that as the landscape changes, your marketing strategy can adjust with it.

Now, knowing the upcoming trends is vital as you will be able to prepare and figure out your strategy on time before we get too far along into 2019. In this article we will look at a few of the most popular digital marketing trends and strategy for 2019.

1. Many people thought the rise of Instagram would peak this year. That is simply not true. It is on track to stay very popular in 2019 due in a large part to it's ease of use and its mobile friendliness. when it comes to social media this is a hard one to compete with. The influencer marketing potential is huge as new Instagram stars are born every day, and to top it all off Facebook bought them. This will ensure that there is no competition between the two platforms and as a matter of fact there is a great synergy between the two.

2. According to the digital experts from Sessionale, businesses have to focus more on SEO for 2019. This has always been important, but as things start changing faster than ever before, companies will have to invest in experts like The Revenue Hub that cover everything. A good SEO package should include mobile experience, keyword research, analysis, reports, etc. Spending money on good SEO this year is one of the best investments a business can make.

3. You may have seen chatbots on websites that you visited last year. These are becoming very popular and are growing in the marketing space in this 2019. They are there to help customers through either a chat or a verbal interaction. As much as we hate to admit it, people are relying more and more on easy to use instant customer service solutions like a chatbot instead of the human interaction we are all so used to.

4. The power of video will continue to grow over the next few years. We have seen a major shift in thee way people respond to promotions. Reading is just not enough for the average consumer in 2019 – YouTube remains to be a huge platform for marketing and is continuing to get even bigger. If you make your video material dynamic and interactive than you have really got something this year. Think about investing in a good YouTube star that will do the marketing for you this could allow you to market on that platform without the hassle of managing your own content and account.

5. This one is simple. If your website is not mobile responsive, its time to fire your web guy and find someone that will build you a stunning, mobile friendly website. Not to beat a dead horse, but EVERYONE uses their mobile devices to navigate. Your 2019 marketing strategy should include leveraging that mobile experience.

6. Influencer marketing is all the rave. If you have not jumped on this ship than 2019 is your year. Paying a social media influencer to recommend your product may just be the thing you need when it comes to digital marketing.Finding new clients is hard. Especially if they have no clue who you are. People are 10 times more likely to purchase something from someone they know or follow on social media. With that being said. Let the influencers use their clout and promote your business. Yes this can be costly, but find the right influencer and you will find a gold mine.

Summary: It is 2019, if you are trying to do your marketing without help, you are missing a ton of revenue opportunities. Be smart and educate yourself, find a good marketing firm that knows what the upcoming trends look like. They can help you navigate the ever changing landscape of marketing your business in a digital world

- The Revenue Hub Team

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