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Syndication vs Guest Blogging:

Syndication is a term that originates in broadcast television. The idea behind syndication was that if a network had a show that was successful, and had broad appeal, then the network could still generate revenue after their show had run its course by licensing the rights out to other networks.

Content that has wide appeal, and popularity gains extended lifespan by allowing other publications to use this content, with relevant and appropriate citations to the original source. Instead of taking payment for this content, the original content writer simply requests clear citations to the original post as to take advantage of the additional exposure.

Benefits of syndication:

  • Extended content shelf life

  • Doubles the utility of your articles (getting in front of more than one audience via reusability)

  • Gain additional visibility

  • Many syndicating publications have large followings

Syndication is not to be confused with guest blogging. There are some distinct, yet sometimes hard to miss differences between the two. The differences are: