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Are your social media posts reaching as many people as you would like?

Promoting Posts

When it comes to boosting or promoting posts, it takes a bit of experimentation, some persistence, and a lot of testing. Sometimes you hit a post out of the park. Other times, it falls on its face, and you

can only move forward with the next one. The goal is to refine the approach for choosing boosted posts, and applying the right budget to each post so that cost of acquisition remains low, click through rates increase, and you show consistency in your quality, and timing. In order to do this effectively we suggest that you use the actual Facebook and Instagram ad campaign manager instead of just clicking the "boost this post" button. You will get way more engagement, and impressions doing it this way.

Why boost anyways?

It can often times feel like a moot effort purchasing ad space on Facebook or Google in hopes that someone will respond with a like or a share. You spend hours writing the content, then you invest money into a platform that may or may not perform well. The reality is, though, that Facebook has put in place algorithms that stifle otherwise would be successful pages from reaching their followers. Instead, pages have to buy that space in a user’s timeline; and this is why we boost posts. It also means that when choosing a