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What does your practice or office culture do for your employees during the Holidays

This time of year its easy to get wrapped up in the spirit of the holiday. We all do it. Whether it is give aways, discounts, office christmas parties, bonuses, or just long hours to try and close out the year on a hight note. The question in, what do our company traditions do to benefit, or breakdown our employees.

The Company Christmas Party: This is a good place to start. Everyone likes a well thought out get together that makes them feel acknowledged and appreciated right? The answer is yes! So a word to the wise, make sure when you throw this little shin dig that it does just that. An office Christmas Party that is centered solely around the accomplishments of the company and doesn't knowledge or appreciate the employees that helped to make the year so great is a disaster waiting to happen. Keep it light, un- intimidating, and employee focused. If you have had success show the people who got you there some appreciation. As a final tip, make sure you plan well. Even with good intentions if there is poor planning it can turn out like the cast in Office Christmas Party the movie

Bonuses: Are bonuses a thing of the past? Remember Clark Griswald counting on his and spending it before he even got it? Bonuses are more than appropriate, but there are 2 key things to think about.